Guest Services

Our Guest Services Team responds to the needs of three distinct groups, Convention Guests (Attendees), Honored Guests (speakers, presenters, and special guests), and our Volunteers.

Convention Guests

We want all of our guests to enjoy not only the convention, but their entire stay here in Klamath Falls. We know some folks will be here early for Adjacent Events (specially scheduled EmComm and training events scheduled just before or after the convention) and we want everyone to have a great time.

To that end, we are doing our best to make sure you know where to find accommodations, food, shopping locations, entertainment, and more including special deals for our guests. Please check out our Convention Guests page to find out the details.

On site we will have well marked places for you to ask questions and get assistance, we will also have device charging stations for your convenience.

Honored Guests

A convention can be a hectic pace for speakers and presenters, We want to make sure you have a place to go for some quiet preparation time before your event, we also know how nice it is to have a place to grab a snack and wind down after your presentation. We have a Green Room planned for all of our Honored Guests, as well as some conveniences.


During the event volunteers do a huge amount of work, being regular volunteers ourselves we get it. We are experts on the care and feeding of volunteers. Water, snacks, and lunch will be available for all of our volunteers. Volunteer supervisors will make sure our volunteers get regular breaks through out the day.