Week of June 6th 2022

A good week following another good week. Last week John KK6GXG and Erik KD6RRR met with the Klamath County Fairgrounds to secure the venue for the convention. After a successful negotiation, we secured the site this week. We now have a hard date for the event; the first annual SOARexpo will be Saturday and Sunday, October 7-8, 2023. We also have access for load-in on Friday the 6th and load-out on Monday the 9th.

With this great news, a hard date and venue, Jon KK6GXG completed and submitted an ARRL.org affiliated convention application. Pending approval, which there should not be any issue, Jon has already cleared the event with the Section Manager David KA7OZO, the business office should be able to move forward with establishing advertising and promotion partnerships.

The ball is now rolling.

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